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Now the Indiana school system? School vouchers?

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Found on my local news website:


Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is urging lawmakers to be aggressive in making sweeping changes to the state's education system, including a broad expansion of charter schools and limits on teacher union contracts.

Daniels used about half of his State of the State speech Tuesday night to promote his education proposals, saying the state had "waited long enough" for the kind of school performance it needs.


The governor's proposals include providing vouchers that would help parents pay for their children to go to private schools. Opponents say vouchers would undercut public schools and blur the line between separation of church and state, but they've been supported by Republicans who now control both houses of the General Assembly.



Is this a trend now?

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Are you in Indiana? This doesn't surprise me. Public charter schools are big in areas like Indianapolis where the regular public schools are abysmal to put it mildly. To my knowledge some of the charters are vast improvements and others aren't so much. I believe there is some voucher (tax credit I thought for those with financial need) in the law here already. I think it's being used in those very poor performing school districts as well. Those schools are scary bad. At any rate, the talk on vouchers has been around as well and (I think) this is happening in other states already? In other words I don't think it's "that" new overall. I think there is a lot of support over-all. And...then there is the fact that all government entities including school systems have been drastically cut on funding in recent years to the point most are losing programs, teachers, closing whole schools, etc. so I think the concern would be further cuts to already struggling schools. I don't know how it will or "should" play out.

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I know they have been doing this in Ohio for awhile. The town where my mom lives has some...underperforming....schools and lots of education cuts. I guess it has been a good thing there? I don't know. I guess it is an alternative that I wouldn't have considered, but it seems to be helping out both sides. We don't have that option in the state where I live, but overall the schools....perform better....here. Just not in my town. :glare:


I really don't have any interest in sending my kids back to ps (or any other school) but I am interested to see how this all plays out. These hard times have caused politicians and school administrations to be creative thinkers in terms of budgets, and I am wondering if it will cause some real change. In a good way. (not necessarily this voucher thing, but in other ways)

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