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Vent about Dr.

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Without going into too many details, my home is in Florida, I am staying at a house we have for sale in VA right now and I spent some time in SC with family while dh is working out of state and traveling. I have put off a check up for dd because most of the places had a month long wait to get a well baby check up.


I made an appointment more than a month ago with a ped in VA and spent more than 1/2 an hour explaining why I would be in VA and for how long and no we don't have insurance, we will pay cash and it was a headache.


The DR's office called today and asked me why if I live in FL am I trying to get an appointment with them. My house in VA is now under contract and we will be leaving the area in about 2 weeks (this has happened since I made the appointment.)


I hung up from them. They tried to call back while I was on the phone with some one else and so they called dh who is still out of state. They told him they won't see an out of state patient and cancelled the appointment.:glare:


I am spreading out vaccines anyway, it is just frustrating that I wasted as much time with them as I did. They were a Dr's office that has an LC so I figured they would be reasonable to deal with since I am still breastfeeding.


Rant over

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Hmm, don't get it. Why not just explain you still technically live in VA?


Why hang up?


I mean, Dr's are only licenses in the state they practice in. I am sure that policy of only treating patients who are residents in their state has to do with their malpractice/liability insurance.


Keep in mind, it was only an office worker calling, following office policy, and doing their job. Your hanging up just made that person suspicion, and probably more determined to "get to the bottom of it" .


Unless, I missed your point, I really don't see the issue from the Dr's point of view at all.

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