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Saxon Writing and Grammar

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My 6th grader is using it this year.




-set up like the math with constant review

-each day has a vocab "tid bit" like a Latin root and they use it in the practice sentences

-very thorough!!

-includes diagramming

-self teaching like the math



-it is a lot to do in one lesson - my son dreads it (I've told him he needs to work on grammar at least 30 min. a day. He just picks up where he left off the next day. I also let him write/circle the answers in the workbook.)

-the writing portion is dry, so we skip it

-a bit pricey, especially since I can't reuse the workbook with younger children


I've decided to have my kids do Saxon Grammar for 5th and 6th grades. In 7th-8th, we'll move on to Analytical Grammar.



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I'm using this with my 5th grader this year and I love it. We are using the grammar, but not the writing portion. My son has learned so much and is doing amazingly well with it. I allow him to write in the book, so I don't think he really finds it cumbersome at all. He actually likes the program. I definitely plan to continue on with the series all the way through. I may even stretch out the last two levels so he can continue to review what he's learned well into high school.


I don't find it very teacher intensive at all. I spend a little time going over the lesson with my son each day and drilling him on the things that he has had to memorize (prepositions, linking verbs, helping verbs, etc.), but that's it. He does the rest of the lesson independently.



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Thank you very much!

I think I am going to go with BJU for next year.


We prefer WWE/Rod and Staff combination but I don't think I am going to have time to teach those next year.


I want to use the writing portion as that is all we will have next year, most likely.


Appreciate this feedback.



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It is a good, secular, no-frills language arts program. No pictures. Nothing flashy.


It's like Saxon math but with language arts. You have the continuous review of prior material so that your child doesn't forget it. So, standardized test scores are good because your child can recall it later.


We are using the level 7 book for my 12 yr. old dd. She is ok with it. Not real excited but doesn't hate it either. It's not really high-interest material. If they had a theme a la Wordsmith, I think it would capture chidren's imaginations a little better.


But it works. It is thorough. Covers everything you need to cover and reviews it also.


I don't think it's expensive. If you don't write in the book you can reuse it. The books are paperback with no color, no pictures, so prices are low.


I hope this is helpful.

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