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What should I make for this guy?

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There is a book I've wanted for a very long time but it's expensive to buy new (LotH). I know a fellow at church who, while not a dealer exactly, has and trades in tons of religious and vintage books. I asked if he had any I could buy fairly inexpensively and he said not to worry about it, he'd just bring me one next Sunday.




So, I know him by name and well enough to feel comfortable doing business with. He's nice. He has a pretty severe heart problem -- in fact, he is a convert and was brought into the fullness of The Church early b/c drs didn't think he'd make it to Easter (which he obviously did -- two Easters ago). He is a retired marine and is divorced and living alone. He is as active as his health allows which means that sometimes he is quite active (in church ministries) and sometimes not at all. Outside of church, I don't know.


I like to bake but being a man on his own, maybe a dinner? I'm a vegetarian but, given his health issues, maybe a meatless meal would do him some good. Also, being, it seems, quite devout, I imagine he abstains at least once/wk. Though, with health problems, he wouldn't be obliged.


Some hm bread and a pot of soup is a maybe but a pot of soup . . . kind of a transport issue and, I don't know . . . not really the thing ppl bring to ppl. Lasagna seems to be popular, easy to transport, and easily done in a disposable pan that he wouldn't need to return. But lasagna, good but not original and not one of my best.


I don't know . . . what would the hive bring this fellow?


or maybe not food at all! Something else? Like what?



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That's so sweet!

Or maybe a healthy desert? There are tons of muffin recipes that use good ingredients and would be approved for heart patients.




An assortment of muffins, banana-bread, cookies, etc. are all things that a bachelor isn't likely to be making for himself. If you need it, I love my Applesauce Oatmeal Muffin recipe.

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Soup is good. You just need one of those plastic containers soup comes in. There is a store in my area that sells that kind of thing, for small catering concerns and large party events. Perhaps there is one in your area. Or you could save an appropriate container from something you buy and wash it out. Or just spring for some Gladware.


I'd package it one serving at a time; then it could also be frozen.

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