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Ok... More MFW questions- suggestions


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Ok... I really hope I am not boring everybody with this.


So I am planning on switching my 6 year old to MFW K. (He turned 6 Oct 1) I have a son who will turn 5 Feb 18 (about the time we start MFW K)


Could I do this with both boys together, then just accelerate my 6 year old when he is ready? They act just like twins and they do EVERYTHING together. So, if when my older son was ready to go on in math and english we would do that but do the other things together, would that work? Would it be awkward for my older son to do what his brother is doing when they get older? It just doesnt seem smart to do K for them seperate, then first for them seperate, just seems like way to much work!


Ok, let me have it LOL

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Here's what a good friend of mine said about MFW...she has two kiddos that are about 2 years apart:


"Thats what I like about MFWorld curriculum...its light and sweet compared to many other more "serious" curriculums I think and both kids could do the same curriculum every year (except for math and reading maybe). We have flexibility to do what the kids are interested in too because the work load is lighter."


So I bet you'll be able to combine as well! :D

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We're using MFW K this year. We started it in the fall when my ds had just turned 5. I have moved slowly and allowed him to work as long as he's interested. The next day, I simply pick back up where we left off. I like MFW K because it is very "tweakable." IMO, you could water it down and use it as a Pre-K program, or follow it as written for K.


For what it's worth, my ds has really enjoyed it!

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