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Undercooked chicken question

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Okay, thank you. We ate it - it tasted fine, the texture of the meat was fine, not chewy, rubbery, etc. But when I look at the leg bones left over - they are blood red, and there is red blood-looking liquid all over the cutting board. Blech. Even assuming it was fine and we don't all get sick - I don't think I'll go along with serving it like that again. I'll just nuke it myself when I bring it home. I prefer my dinner's marrow non-liquid (blech).

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Ah, but the skin locks in the juice and yum- my kids fight over the chicken skin. ;)


J can't have the skin, way too fatty for him (he can't have more than 15-20g fat/day), and neither DH or like the skin, so no one here to fight over it. I used to take the skin off as a child when my Grandparents would fix skin-on chicken and feed it to the dogs that is how much I disliked it.


No my one neice, she will *only* eat bone-in, skin-on chicken. Thankfully she lives 700 miles away because I wouldn't know how to fix it for her!

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