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Narnia - 3D or not?

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I'm taking kiddos to see Narnia today and wondering if I should see it in 3D or not. I've never been to a 3D movie, so these are probably stupid questions, but does the movie look just like the regular movie if you're not wearing your glasses? DC range from 4-13, and I'm thinking 3D might be too much for the younger one, but the older ones would enjoy it. Just not sure how the whole 3D thing works.




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but now that everything is coming out in 3D, I refuse to pay the upcharge. My kids know that and are fine with it.


If you go into the 3D theater without wearing the glasses, it will be fuzzy, there will be lines or red and blue around a lot of stuff. Generally the 3D gags are water coming out at you or gross stuff - dinosaur spit was one in Journey to the Center of the earth. I very much dislike watching a 3D film without the glasses.


All that being said, middle child went with her Bible study group on Monday night and saw it in 3D. She was glad when the movie was over b/c she was getting a headache - not something that has happened to her before. She also said there was no real reason to see it in 3D when we go with the youth group from church. "It was cool, but nothing needed 3D." (I think.)

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We went to the 3D Narnia because we have never been to a 3D movie and we go to one movie per year or so, so we wanted it to be special. My kids were asking to see it in 3D. They would have been ok if we had said no, but we decided to do it and forgo snacks at the theater (3D is more expensive).


We thought the 3D was cool. It doesn't look normal without the glasses on. It sort of looks blurry.

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Yes, do not see it in 3D. 2D was just fine.


I recently took my kids to see Tangled (not realizing it was 3D). It was a matinee and for just me and my kids it cost uf $30 to see the movie during the day.


Now we went as a whole family to a 2D night showing of Narnia and it cost us $29.50.

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