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So many "beef roasts" urgh... What cut do I need for a nice, tender, juicy

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When I do a proper English Sunday Dinner, I use an eye roast. The key is not to over cook it. Remove it from the oven before it reaches the desired temp, "tent" with foil, let it continue to heat up until it gets to temp.


Serve with Yorkshire Puddings, gravy, broccoli in cheese sauce, roast potatoes, and a trifle for dessert!

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For classic roast beef, I get top round, bottom round, or rump roast.


Yes, the range of cuts is confusing. And even more so with "steaks," given that my supermarket labels any flat piece of beef a "steak" even if it's not a normal steak cut. No, Safeway, there is simply no such thing as a "chuck steak."

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