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Do you have a Flip mini-camcorder? I need advice.

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Dh is encouraging me to buy a Flip mini-camcorder to record the kids' upcoming musical performances. I'm looking at the newest generation 8GB model at Costco, and reading the Amazon reviews.


Some people say the sound quality is poor, and that they've had trouble with the Flip freezing up and not resetting properly.


If you have one, could you comment on the sound quality, video quality, and whether you've had any problems with the device?


I have a new-this-year digital camera that also takes video, and the video seems to be decent and have reasonable sound quality, so I'm not sure whether I really should spend $160 on the Flip. I would sure like a Kindle, though...

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We bought dd a Flip last year for Christmas. Other than running out of batteries too frequently (which wouldn't be an issue if we would buy rechargeable batteries and a charging station for them), she hasn't experienced any of those issues you talked about. It's been a great camera for her and she has LOVED making movies and playing around with the Flip software programs.

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I don't have a review for you, because I just bought one for ds for Christmas. I got the newest 3rd generation 8gb Flip (model U32120) at Amazon.


Here's the link:




If you buy the white one, it's $161.00, but the exact same Flip in black is still 179.99. BUT... you get a $25.00 Amazon gift card for free when you buy either color, so the price comes out cheaper than anywhere else I looked. (I paid $161.99 and got a $20.00 promo credit, so the current deal is better.)


If you buy it, be sure to click on the "add both items to cart" button in the Special Offers section so you'll get the gift certificate for free.



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