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OK, I'm going to ask for prayers.

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I know a lot of folks out there are having income problems, so I haven't really wanted to bring this up, but I'm getting worried. My husband was laid off 3 months ago, and is on unemployment, and I had a job drop into my lap (from above!) in August, so we aren't completely without income. But we spent most of 2009 without any income at all, and we still have a lot of debt from that--we don't have much cushion now because we used it all up then.


So my husband has been applying for jobs, and we thought this one job was going to be perfect, but instead they let us twist in the wind for a month and then let us know that they didn't want to pay anything. They never even gave us an actual offer. Anyway, long story short, he's applying, but nothing is panning out. And though I've been earning almost enough to keep us going (along with the unemployment I mean), the semester's almost over and I'll have about a month of no work until the spring semester.


We're both getting kind of worried. There are not a lot of expenses left to cut, though I suppose we could go on food stamps to pay for the little bit we buy. I don't know, anyway, please keep us in your prayers and ask that he get a job or that we can be strengthened or something. We have been really blessed in many ways, I don't want to complain, but the strain is really getting to us.

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