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Dental help weird update

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Friday I posted I went to the dentist but no cavaties. But I still was in really bad pain. Well over the weekend it got severe I thought I was going to die of pain. So yesterday morning I got up and saw another dentist who didn't see anything and referred me to an oral surgeon. (I couldn't be seen by them until Jan) So I went home in severe pain.


Well a couple hours later I went to the ER. The ER felt around and did some test. I have a stone in my saliva gland . It got infected. So I went home with pain killers and antibiotics. It's something like a kidney stone and will just pass. Weird! I've never heard of them before.

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I hope you are feeling better! I went to the dentist recently with ongoing tooth-ache, and he was extremely thorough, but found no cavities. He told me it was probably a sinus infection. I self-treated for a few days and the tooth-ache went away. Odd, but still not as odd as your situation!

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Odd that the dentist did not pick up on this - our dentist does use gauze to hold up the tongue and examine the salivary glands at each visit to look for problems... I would call the dentist office and let them know what the ER found. They need a heads up to be checking for that sort of thing!!!!

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