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Teacher gifts

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I tutor at an inner city school, I help two amazing teachers with various students.


I want to make them a "goody bag" for Christmas, I have some Lands End tote bags that I got on sale and now I want to fill them. I was thinking a DVD, some lotion, an encouraging book.... what else?


One is married, the other isn't, neither has children, both in late 20s.


Did I mention that they're both amazing? Their students are challenging to put it mildly.


Thanks so much.

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Tea and honey...


What I wanted to say though is good for you! I did not know that you had taken this position, dear readwithem. Sounds like you are amazing, too!




Jane - this is a great idea! One of the teachers had mint today during her "break" :)


Nah, I'm only there two days a week - and I come home worn out :lol:


The teachers are really fabulous. And the students are great as well - it's just that their home lives can be unpredictable - they're in the poorest neighborhood here. But the school is so supportive, and the graduates (they're K-8) go on to the best private schools in our city - all on full scholarships :)

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