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gift ideas needed for 8 year son

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my son is a sports crazed kid...loves football, baseball, basketball...you name it. We live in Nebraska so it is 95% sure that it will cold and snowy around Christmas time, so any outdoor sport toy is out...becasue he won't be able to play with it until spring...we also don't live in house with a large open space to set up big toys like a ping pong table or air hockey...although I would like to. he is not super big into building toys either...so legos or other such items are out. He is a sensory kid with the need to go 99% of the time...he hardly stops for eating and sleeping. He loves music. If anybody would have any sugggestions for me, I would appreciate it.



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My kids like hacky sacks. They play soccer, so this gives them extra footwork practice and is something they can do alone OR with each other.


We also have a mini-trampoline. It's a bit bulky, but our sofa has feet so we can slide it under there when not in use. Big hit, especially in winter.


Our home could be called cluttered. It's definitely full of things, not necessarily breakables. I don't mind them playing with foam balls (all sizes, shapes) and they usually bounce them off of one of our big walls. I "gave" them two walls to use, and removed pictures from the walls so they'd have a reasonably sized open wall space. They bounce the balls off the wall to themselves, or to each other. By 8, an athletically-inclined boy will have decent enough aim that nearby objects wouldn't be affected much, if at all.


During winter months, my kids also use a pitchback in the garage. It's not a big deal for us to move the cars out for a few hours so they can play out there. We have a workbunch full of projects and tools, but it rarely gets messed up. We position the pitchback towards the garage door, and they'll use baseballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, pretty much anything to bounce off of it. Our pitchback folds flat enough to store against a wall without getting in our way when the cars are parked.


Speaking of the garage, they also take tennis balls and bounce them off of the closed garage door (from the inside). They also roller blade or skateboard in the garage when it's cold outside.


Indoor basketball doesn't have to take up much room ~ one of those suction to the glass types. One of our boys has a laundry hamper that hangs over the back of a closet door. It's never been used for laundry, they've always used foam balls to play with it.


Nerf guns? LOL My boys use window markers to draw targets on the sliding glass door, then shoot away. For hours.


Outside-wise, you could consider an archery kit. My son loves archery, and will spend a fair amount of time outside practicing - even in the cold weather. It could be done in the snow, too.


On the music side, my kids love the karaoke machine (but we're Asian, so it's almost a requirement LOL). They dance around, to their own songs and to each others. Or what about a great mix CD that he can pop in and move to? If he likes to play, maybe even a keyboard to bang around on.


Have you considered a Wii, or something similar? My kids love the dancing games. Okay, so do I LOL.

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