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elements basket

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I read somewhere an idea to incorporate when learning about elements. Create element baskets.


In the first basket put in objects made from various elements.


In the second basket put in objects that are made of two or more elements.


Help me come up with what to put in the baskets.


Basket 1: penny for copper, a nickel for nickel, piece of aluminum foil, bone for calcium


Basket 2: table salt (sodium and chlorine), fluoride rinse (fluorine and sodium), water


What can you come up with?

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We did an element hunt for a periodic table class I presented once. Some of the "household" element items we did that haven't been mentioned yet were:


lead - air gun pellets

iron - cast iron pot

phosphorus - strike-on box matches

oxygen, nitrogen - air

carbon, gold - wedding ring with a diamond

tungsten, argon/xenon/krypton - light bulb

copper, zinc - penny. If you file off one side of the copper edge with pennies older than 1982, you can see the bright zinc inside. You can also react the zinc in a vinegar solution (slow) or hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid from pool supplies), leaving behind the copper skin.


Some common compounds with only two different elements are:

water (H2O)

potassium chloride (KCl) ("lite" salt)

calcium chloride (CaCl2) (the more expensive type of de-icer, also used as a dehumidifier)

rust (Fe2O3)

dry ice, or portion of exhaled breath (CO2)


Erica in OR

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