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What happened the beehive icon?

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Yes, I know this is a completely trivial question, but I just realized that the icon on my browser tab isn't a beehive. It looks like possibly a person walking ... I'm not sure, it's not very clear. I really liked the beehive MUCH better.


[i'm going to be really embarassed if I get a bunch of replies saying they changed this a year ago! :blush:]


[or even worse yet, I'm told there never was a beehive at all]

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I have internet explorer.


It must be this computer. I checked using another, and the beehive is still there on it. I tried refreshing the browser on this one, but the icon is still a brown box, with what appears the be a white person walking (maybe).


I also just used Google, and my browser shows an Amazon icon for that. The Amazon icon still uses its own icon. I checked some other websites and those still seem to be right.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to get these fixed?


Just a side note, the other day when I started my computer, the Google toolbar was installed along with a box thanking me for installing it. I did not install it myself, nor did I install any new software. Could these be related? Do I need to be concerned? It's a relatively new computer (and the only decent one in the house). I would hate for it to get messed up.


I want my beehive back!



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