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german parallel bible

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I got a Spanish parallel Bible for one of my children, and it was cheap and easy to find! So I was so surprised last year when I tried to find a French parallel Bible for one of my other children, and couldn't! I did eventually find one for New Testament only (and maybe you would be able to find that for German as well??), but that's not what I wanted.


I finally bought just a regular French Bible. I was able to research sites to find a French Bible that was considered a good translation for English speakers. I think some sites even said which English version it was most similar to.


So, my daughter would have two Bibles in front of her, one in French and one in English. It was not quite as perfect as a single parallel Bible, but it seemed to work.

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I don't know about a parallel German Bible but, Die Bibe, Die Gute Nachricht in heutigem Deutsch might be a good version for your daughter.


It is not as scholarly as some translations but it is very readable and it is an actual Bible- not a paraphrased text.

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