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Tulum or Puerto Vallarta??

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If you have been to either of these, can you recommend a place for my husband and I to stay...It will be a time of tea:), after 24 years of marriage:)


Also, any other suggestions you have would be awesome.

We just want to eat, rest and enjoy eachother, do a little sightseeing and lots of :blush:


PS. We don't like cruises, but just want to fly in and have a great place to stay...Thanks:)

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My company rented out the entire resort for our yearly vacation and we all loved it. The staff was wonderful, the onsite places to eat were excellent and it's right on the beach. We could not have asked for a nicer place to visit. I would recommend this resort to anybody. They also have two big pools, nightly entertainment, and off site tourist trips that you can sign up for. They are also close to the airport and to the local shopping should you want to leave the hotel site.

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I would def go to Playa del Carmen/Tulum area. That Caribbean sea is something to behold. *sigh*


Have you looked at Trip Advisor? I can't tell you a particular place because we stayed in town in Playa at a big timeshare place (my mom's). But if you put in Tulum into Trip Advisor you will get some great advice. There's a forum there too. Keep in mind that Tulum is a teensy little town. Akumal is slightly north and a little larger. Playa is a nice sized town with tons of hotels. I would personally stay in Playa at the La Tortuga Hotel. Very romantic. Tons of restaurants in town, gorgeous beach, a nice main street to shop. Easy opportunities to sight see.


Just as an aside, aren't there some advisories against travel to Mexico? I know it's usually the border towns, but please do your research.

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We visited the mayan ruins at Tulum, but it was just a bus ride there and a tour/walk around and some time at the little touristy shops. I don't remember any hotels around, but there may have been some.


Of all the places I've visited in the Caribbean area, the place I liked the most and would go back was the Cayman Islands (specifically Grande Cayman) Very conducive to Tea Drinking, being British and all (tee hee).

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