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netflix question

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so we now have netflix in canada :D


here's my question though - i can't find anything about this on the website...figured i'll sign up since they have a 30 day free trial...but i'd like to know this...


can you watch things on various players at the same time? ie: can dh be watching something via PS3 while the kids have something else going via Wii and i have something else going on my computer?

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How many you can watch at a time is supposed to be based on which plan you have. For each disc that you have at a time is how much you can watch. So if you have the 2 discs at a time plan, then you can watch on two devices at the same time. I only have the 1 disc at a time plan, but I also currently only have one device that we can watch instant streaming on, so I have no idea if we could watch more or not.

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