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Help: I need a virtual chemistry lab program

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Anyone know how I can find good virtual chemistry labs that my son can use for his lab component?


I need to find a way for Ds to do his labs but I don't have the money to buy the lab supplies. He is using Zumdahl, Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation for text.


Thank you!!!!

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I do not know what level of labs you want...


We have not done the Chemistry episodes (but have the physics), but there are labs in some of them on Georgia Public Broadcasting.


Eg. Physical and Chemical Changes Episode 201


There is a lab sheet you can print up, and the video has the lab in it. You would have to fast forward through the theory part of the video (click on the "Watch" button).


You'll have to look at each episode page. If you see a lab worksheet link, then there will be a lab in the video. Some are more likely to have labs than others....eg Episode 203 Separation of mixtures, episode 903- more about the behaviour of gases,


List of all the episodes. There are several pages...


The teacher's DVD does have lab sheet keys, but they are not always helpful if they involve a variable of measurement which will change with item used by individuals....




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