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If you're supplementing Teaching Textbooks, what are you using?

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I'm considering using some of Singapore's supplements or even the program for higher grades that correspond (we use already Primary Math until the child can move to TT7)...or something else just to give more practice and have another source for the teaching of all these concepts. I find that my ds sometimes just needs "another take" on math concepts and so I plan to supplement TT next year.


But with what? Any experience you can share would be appreciated. :) Thank you!

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Thanks, Kelli. :) Do they work on both TT and Aleks every day or trade off?


Everything is done daily. My 11th grader does one TT lesson and 30 minutes of Aleks everyday. My 7th grader does one TT lesson, 1/2 or 1 complete MEP lesson (depending on length of MEP lesson) and 20 minutes of Aleks per day.


All of my kids do an online (either Aleks or BigMathTime) program in addition to their regular math. All of my younger kids do their main math book and MEP as well. If this sounds like a lot of math we handle it by breaking it up throughout the day. Gabriel might do his TT lesson in the morning. Then we will do history or something. Then I will say "Hop on the computer and do your Aleks" while I work one-on-one with someone else. We might not do his MEP until after lunch. That is how we do this much without causing any children to run away from home.

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I find that my ds sometimes just needs "another take" on math concepts and so I plan to supplement TT next year.


Good idea. We use Singapore workbooks (4 A & B, 5 A & B) & CWP w/ TT 6 & 7. We switch to CD for Alg and don't feel the need to supplement. For the price, you can't beat the little Singapore workbooks.


And yes, we have to go back a level in Singapore. My dd 10 (5th grade), uses 4th & 5th grade Singapore materials.

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Guest Katia

At this point in time I'm not really 'supplementing' TT, but since my dd is using their geometry book this year and I wanted her to keep her algebra skills current, we are using Life of Fred's Advanced Algebra along with the TT Geometry.


My dd loves the LOF so much, that we plan to continue using it. I suspect it will become the "main" math curriculum when we finish TT Trig/PreCalc next year. :001_smile:

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