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Super deal on Le Creuset at Costco

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If you are as much of a cookware geek as I am, you might want to go check it out.


We went to Costco and discovered they have a great deal on Le Creuset! They have 3 piece sets--11 3/4 inch skillet, saucier pan w/ lid--for $189. They had two colors, flame (kind of red fading to orange) and cobalt blue. I have this skillet already, and use it daily, and the saucier pan is on my Amazon wishlist. We couldn't afford it today, but I'm planning on going back at the beginning of next month and getting the set--if they still have it. It really is an awesome deal!


The prices I found online (discounted from store retail already) for both separately:

Saucier Pan, 2 1/4 Quart : $144

Skillet, 11 3/4 Inches: $119

I didn't check the size on the saucier pan, but I think it is the 2 1/4, (if I'm guessing wrong and it's the 3 qt, you'd be saving more money), the skillet I did think to check the size. The Costco price saves you $74 off of online buying--a whole bunch more off retail.


So if you are interested in trying out Le Creuset, here's your chance to do so relatively cheaply, or add to your collection.

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