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  1. The link for the Master Books is the DVD set only. What you linked from Rainbow Resource description says : "Ask Dr. Callahan Algebra DVD Set w/ Printed Teacher Guide, Tests, Syllabus" The RR resource set is from the original printing of Jacob's Algebra, it was OOP for a while. Now it's been re-released with a new cover and perhaps they are marketing the supplements differently.
  2. M&M

    Living in a home with one bathroom

    We have a family of 7. We live in a hcol area and we have always lived in a 1 bathroom home. SIL even lived here before dd married him. You can absolutely do it. I do wish we had a half bath for guests but its not a necessity.
  3. I have a friend who is looking for some fun history reading for her son. She is asking for a world history book I don't think that she's looking for curriculum but maybe something like Story of the World or horrible histories for high schoolers. Any ideas?
  4. M&M

    TOG and discouraged

    This is where you as the teacher need to adjust the curriculum to suit the needs/level of your child. It is a lot of reading, my children were not great readers so when we had a TOG week like that I would choose to a) cut the reading assignment down and only assign questions that were covered in what I assigned, b) do some of the reading together, c) do the reading over two weeks. Sometimes we just listened to SOTW. TOG will give you all the pages from your book that covers that week's topic, the assignments are not always evenly distributed. TOG is a buffet, so choose what is appropriate and move on to the next topic. Have fun with TOG, enjoy the ancients and do what works and leave the rest behind without guilt. You will cover this time period again so don't worry about gaps. I hope this helps.
  5. I still check in on occasion but I don't post anymore. I started on the boards in 2001, I was Monique in NJ. I remember all of you ladies! I have graduated one dd ,who just got engaged last week, and still have 4 more to go! I have 8 more years of homeschooling left. ETA: Yes, Cami I am tired! I am caring for my in-laws on top of schooling. I am finding being in the sandwich generation a bit exhausting! I am so thankful to SWB for all of her hard work! I had the opportunity to worship at Peace Hill Chapel many years ago, the Bauer/Wise family and their congregation were so very warm and welcoming to our family. It was a day we will never forget
  6. Cobbler. I might add some peaches to mellow the flavor.
  7. M&M

    OPGTR - love or not?

    I love it. I've taught all five of my children with it and I've never been sorry. I think the best thing about it is it's so simple to use. If I want to add more to it it's easy to get readers or letters to use to suppliment. I don't think teaching reading should be complicated or expensive.
  8. M&M

    Library Sale finds

    Not exactly a library sale, but a school near me has a annual used book sale fundraiser. This year I found nine volumes ofThe Young Folks' Shelf of Books for $9 and all four of Churchill's History of the English Speaking People for $8.
  9. M&M

    TOG Year 3

    I'm pretty sure redesigned year 3 came out in 2006.
  10. M&M

    Logic Stage Grammar by Susan W. Bauer

    Call PHP and request the sample. They may still offer the download as long as you agree not to share the file.
  11. Yes and No I wasn't one, but I wanted to be one.
  12. M&M

    free Michael Buble Christmas album on Google play

    Thanks! DD loves this album!
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