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Please show me what your teacher binder looks like.


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I am trying to put together a binder to organize my papers. I need to organize things like reading logs, course of study, field trip log, lists of books/DVDs/CDs that we have.

Please show me examples or tell me how you have your binder laid out. What other things would be important to include? I'm usually pretty organized, but I'm not sure how to go about putting this all together.

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I do not have a physical binder.

On my computer, I have a folder for each child. In there, I have a folder for each semester. In the semester folder, I keep:

curriculum outline

daily log (one for each month)

reading list

list of videos

list of field trips

end of semester report card/transcript once the semester is over

(this contains detailed course descriptions put together from the lists and daily logs)

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I also use a three ring,

I have on the front page our schedule

in 30 minute increments, we schedule tighter as we have a few online resources or computer usage curriculum

Math - alex

Writing Guide

and also needs for computers for

Science - apologia-Teaching Textbooks-ADOBE photoshop


I have 3 computer stations available, and 4 kids, so scheduling is important!


After that is a tab for each subject in order of it's teaching time, most I just copy the table of contents and as we move into the next "subject" I ask how and where they are at, look at as needed.

I have a daily game plan for Easy Grammar, and our History/Science, it is not dated as life happens, but I know what is supposed to come next! If we finish for that block, and have time and desire we move ahead, if not we can camp on a subject til we get it!


It is nice, I have it open to where we are in the middle of the day...the kids have a copy for their subjects and love to cross off what they did!


I have another book for standards for our state, requirements needed that year, and field trip brochures, and those important things.

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I have two things:


1. a big wall calendar where I note down our schedule, field trips and also when we finish a read aloud book


2. a folder with the current papers I need for schooling - this includes the printouts of the math lesson plans, reading word lists and our science and history outlines that I made as well as occasional notes and stickies I write myself


Additionally, for organization, the kids have two things:


1. reading journals where we list the books they read


2. portfolios that include a short assessment I write up, a list of their own current goals, examples of work we chose together to save, and a list of all the classes, read aloud books, field trips and topics we covered for every subject - everything in the portfolio gets updated every two months

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