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Note to self: if I EVER again. . .

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decide it's a good idea for the following to occur on the same weekend:


* one Boy Scout campout in our backyard

* one birthday party for a 6-year old

* two sleepovers, on successive nights

* one orchestra concert for church's 50th birthday

* soccer picture day AND soccer game

* day-long ballet rehearsal

* family birthday celebration for two girls born on the same day




* one slightly hormonal high school senior working on college essays and applications. . . . .


Would someone just hand me a Mike's and ship me somewhere safe and padded?



If I make it to Monday, congratulate me.

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You're going to need something stronger than a Mike's. read the margarita thread. You may glean ideas as needed. :grouphug:. I absentmindedly booked dd ortho appointment to remove her braces, which is over an hour away, on the same day ds and I have to see the local dentist. So basically, I will leave my house around 7am Monday morning, drive over an hour to the appointment, wait an hour, drive back, and hopefully be here in time for the regular dentist. And we should eat somewhere in there. And dh is on nights that day. And we have karate. Why do we do this to ourselves?

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