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postcard exchange - international

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I know we've had some threads on here about trading postcards, but they seem to be limited to US folks. Well, my kids are studying US geography this semester and ds 9 is trying to collect cards from each of the US states -- would anyone be interested in doing an international trade?


We've joined a couple of exchange groups for kids and so far have contacts for about half the states, so we've still got a ways to go. My oldest did this years ago and really enjoyed it..


Thanks in advance for any help :)

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My dd9 is excited! I showed her where the postcard was going and she said, "Do we get to go?!?". Let me know if you need an exchange student. :D
Ahlan wa sahlan, you are most welcome to come! :)






Ahlan wa Sahlan = welcome


literally, "May you arrive as part of the family, and tread an easy path (as you enter)."

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She is great. She had a few rough months, nearly died of a blood infection in St. Petersburg, and had a few cancer related surgeries, but she is doing well now. She would love to come back but school budget cuts are killing everyone's conference travel schedules.
Wow, sounds like she's traveled a rough road -- I'm glad to hear she's doing better now. Please give her my regards :)
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Ds 9 and I mailed a slew of postcards today -- so if you pm-ed me your address your postcard is on it's way! Hard to imagine, but ds had a great time at the post office; it's always nice to be reminded of just how fun such menial tasks can be, lol.


If anyone else is interested, we're still looking for people to exchange with, send me a pm! :)

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