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Baking question

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I've seen several references to substituting applesauce for some of the butter in a cake recipe. I'd like to try this, but I need some advice.


Is it a 1:1 ratio for the substitution?


About what percentage of the butter can I replace with applesauce?


If it's a strong-tasting cake (such as chocolate), will the apple flavor be discernible? My husband isn't a big fan of apples, so I don't want to bait-and-switch with a lovely chocolate cake if he's going to hate it once he tastes it (despite that nagging More For Me! notion that's rattling around the back of my brain...).


Thanks for any guidance.

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I've subbed for half of the fat called for --even in cakes. It makes the cake a little less moist, but not enough that you'd throw it out. My dc don't really notice the difference, but I do. Be sure to use unsweetened applesauce. Oh, and you can't taste the applesauce at all.



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I've never done butter, but I have oil.


The applesauce mimics the softness the fat brings. It does not replace the taste of oil/butter. Therefore I would never completely eliminate the oil/butter in a recipe that relies heavily on them for taste (cookies or cake for instance). For this reason most people just sub out half of the amount.


Fiddle around with it a while and see what you like best.


Also, watch the amount of sweetener or add-ins like cinnamon in the applesauce. It can change the taste of the final product.

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