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Great Wolf Lodge discounts?

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My sister's in Charlotte, she just told me recently that the GWF there is offering community days where it's just $30 for use of the waterpark during the day. This way you don't have to stay the night if you don't want to.


But with homeschool discounts it's cheaper to just stay the night than pay $30/person. At least that is what ours is - $30/per person.


Generally, homeschool groups get blocks of room. Some of them have standing off peak rates all the time for homeschoolers. It just depends. Check first with your local homeschool groups to see if they schedule times to go. Then call the local lodge and ask them.

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Our GWF has a HS code. You might want to call yours and find out. They had a booth at the Cincinnati HS convention for 2 years, and both times the code has been the same. It is not a giant savings, but every little bit helps. I think it was 10-20% off, so basically that covers all taxes and add-ons.


I think it is only good on Sun-Th, with only some obvious holiday blackouts.


If you stay in the hotel you get 2 whole days of the park.


The code was HOME.



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