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New to homeschooling

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I am very new to homeschooling. We started this school year last Thursday and everyday was very productive and went well. Unfortunately, today was pretty much a disaster. My son (11) was having fits all throughout the day from frustration of not being able to do some math problems and not understanding it, and also not being able to read some words that were difficult. I have been trying to help him sound out the words and break them into syllables to help him figure out the word but he gets more frustrated. I guess everyday can not be good. Just wanted to share.


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Ahh nice to hear I wasnt the only one going through this!!


Sorry your day wasnt so good.. we had the same problem MATH!

We were doing okay with the LOF and Spectrum, until in LOF chapt 3 we hit a bump.. at the 2 digit division! ugg..

she was so frustrated that I just stopped. I didnt want to make a huge issue and thought..Ill figure something out before tomorrow.;)

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Hang in there. The first & second year are the hardest because you are trying to do a number of things:


1. figure out how to teach your child


2. your child is figuring out how to learn from you/on their own


3. you are both figuring out what materials/methods work


4. you are both figuring out how to interact as teacher/child instead of parent/child during school time


5. you are finding out what areas you child may be having trouble in or have actual gaping holes that you are going to have to back track sometimes to the beginning and fill


But once you figure out your relationship and your materials and where to start things it will get better. You will find your flow/rhythm/routine and find that it works but it is going to take a lot of hard work and time to figure it all out.


I wish you the best in this journey.:001_smile:

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For me, its the character lessons that are the most challenging. And learning to handle frustration is a huge character lesson that I still have to learn! Often these lessons don't come out in a brick and mortar school but they are there underneath simmering. So, start to teach him strategies to cope with frustrations in his work -

1. take deep breaths.


2. read the question aloud - sometimes this helps.


3. ask mom to explain it


- this must be accompanied by


4. shut your mouth and listen while it is being explained (this was a huge one for my ds13).


5. take a break - have a snack - have a nap (this is thanks to SWB for handling teen angst and hormones and I see by his age he's getting there)


6. google - there are tons of sites on the 'net that explain math concepts.


7. set up a tutoring session with dad (sometimes a different way of explaining something will make the lightbulb go off).


Note - we don't do every single one of these! We pick and choose and after awhile we start to see which ways of coping work the best.

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Sounds like you got a short honeymoon. Welcome to homeschooling. Some days you will make through on caffeine and chocolate but when you see that light of understand in his eyes or laugh over a book together it makes all of the caffeine/chocolate days worth it.


:iagree: WSS 100%!

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