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  1. I do not mind the textbooks and workbook from Rod and Staff. I guess my biggest concern is I do not want it to be too weak, yet not too advance and difficult where my son would be discouraged.
  2. I am tossed between using Abeka or Rod and Staff for this years curriculum for my 8th grade son. My son has some focus and learning disabilities(comprehension) and I do not want him to feel overwhelmed or just not be able to get it. I wanted to know from other moms, was the complete curriculum for 8th grade good or would Abeka be better?? We have used many other misc curriculums like Apologia, teaching textbooks, SOS Monarch, various workbooks and I am finding that my son does better with workbooks rather online lessons. I would like to make a decision by Wednesday especially since Abeka is coming to my area and I wanted to visit if I decide to use Abeka. Any thoughts/???
  3. Well this past year we had teaching textbooks, which we would keep because he is doing great with math. We also bought Monarch, which is online for Science, History and Language Arts, it was OK not sure if it is for him. I am thinking he may do a bit better with actual textbooks and workbooks. Just continuing to find the right one for Science, History and Language Arts. Thanks for the ideas.
  4. I am still going back and forth on maybe using Sonlight for the curriculum next year for my 1st grader and 7th grader. My only concern is that I have been told that Sonlight is very literature based and since he doesn't like reading too much would it be a mistake to use this curriculum? Does anyone have any other suggestions for a good solid curriculum to use that is not literature based? This is our second year and still feeling around the different curriculums. Thanks
  5. Does anyone know or has experienced a good curriculum for a child that doesn't want to learn, has a hard time retaining what he is learning, is not motivated to learn and on top of all that is on the Autistic Spectrum? I have been homeschooling for 2 years know and have tried from Rod and Staff to Monarch and it doesn't keep his interest and he is having a hard time retaining what he is learning and he is no way motivated to learn. Help!! I do not know what to do for next year and I am worried that he has not learned enough this year. He is completing 6th grade, but not sure if he has learned what a 6th grader should know. He also has a hard time reading and comprehending what he is reading.....again lack of motivation and not really understanding what he is reading at times. Sorry this is long but I am lost. Thanks :confused:
  6. I am going through some hard times with my 12 year old son who is on the spectrum. He's behaviors have been so bad lately during school. I take away his computer privileges when he is out os control. He watches SuperNanny on the computer after I numerously tell him not to watch it but he continually watches it behind my back. He then acts out like some of the children. I am looking into trying to block youtube so he will not be able to watch it anymore since he doesn't keep his word. It is hard to homeschool lately since we have major meltdowns, with screaming and yelling, crying and having fits during homeschool and then the day has taken a turn for the worse and homeschool environment has changed and sometimes it is hard to get it back. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Lately it seems like he doesn't retain anything and can't remember anything he has learned. He also has no motivation in learning....any ideas. Thank you, Very Frustrated Homeschool Mom
  7. Thank you everyone for he wonderful advice. I am glad I am not alone. Sometimes I feel like I am not a good mom maybe that is why he is acting this way towards me, but now I realize that some kids go through this and it is normal and there is a chance that things will get better. Thank you!:001_smile:
  8. Thanks so much Sofia for your post it was very uplifting and encouraging. Thanks
  9. Thanks. And Very true. Unfortunately, I do at times yell at my son when he doesn't listen or talks back and then take a privilege away, he then screams and in my frustration I yell also, which I hate doing and want to stop. Any good books out there on how to stop yelling? Thanks again for the advice.
  10. Well, He is always talking back to his parents (us), his mom and dad. He also when asked to do something will do it in his timing. Just doesn't respond well when told something or spoken to. If there arises a situation and we take away privileges, like the computer, he freaks out and calls us mean.
  11. Help! How do you get or how can you get the respect back from your 12 year old child? Is there something that I need to do or can do to get my son to respect his mom and dad again?:confused:
  12. I believe also that ps will not remove meltdowns, but how do I convince my husband that ps will not change his meltdowns? I know that my husband says it so that I am not stressed but I keep telling him that if they are in ps I will be even more stressed. Not sure how to convince my husband.
  13. Hello, Does anyone with a child with autism ever have meltdowns during school, what do you do? This entire week has been horrible. It is our 2nd year of homeschooling and with so many people telling it is the wrong thing to homeschool and no support.....my mind starts to think....am I doing the right thing?? Any suggestions on how to handle those days/weeks where it is difficult to teach a child (12 years old) when all he does is yawn, complain and have meltdowns if he is not happy? Thanks
  14. Thanks Jill. Will remind myself and my husband. Thanks for your thoughts.:001_smile:
  15. Wow, thank you so much for the awesome advice and thoughts. I am going to sit with my husband and really talk about the positives and the negatives and see which outweighs the other. I have always believe that putting in public school his behaviors will just hold out until he came home. It just hurts when we go through some behavior problems and family and friends just throw it in my face, he should be in public school and they are so unsupportive and so against homeschooling. Thanks.:001_smile:
  16. My husband wants me to send my son back to public school because of his behavior. He is 12, high functioning autism and lately being disrespectful, talking back, not listening very well and taking advantage of being homeschooled. I still desire to homeschool him even with his behavior and he is broken about going to public school and I am broken hearted also. My husband believes that his behavior will change if put back in public school and he wouldn't be disrespectful at home, which I do not believe. Unfortunately, his parents are not supportive of homeschool and constantly tells us to put him back in public school. I am torn and do not know which way to turn. Any help or advice? Thank you
  17. Thank you everyone for such great encouragement and advice. Julie, can you share with me what supplements help your son,besides diet? I am willing to try anything that would help my son be happier and less uptight for no reason. Michelle, how did you and you son like virtual schooling in Pa? What are the pluses and what are the negatives? Thanks
  18. Thank you so much Michelle. I will keep a journal and see what is triggering these behaviors. I believe one of the reasons the behaviors come about is lack of structure. We are moving to PA in a week and it has been a bit stressful. I am thinking that a virtual school like K12 may be good for him since there is structure. Another mom had told me that SOS is good because there is structure also. Any thoughts?? Thanks again for your response. P.S. He is special needs. He was diagnosed with High functioning autism when he was 2.8 years old and was in public school and mainstreamed and taking speech, O/T. He was bullied and made fun of at school which after so long, I decided enough is enough and pulled him out. Thanks
  19. Hello, This is our second year homeschooling. My son (12) and daughter (6) love homeschooling and never want to go back to public school. At times during homeschool, my son acts up and when given a consequence if behavior does not shape up, he still acts up(talking back, not nice, screaming, making fun) and then comes the consequence. Then comes the temper tantrums(yelling, screaming, crying, jumping, "I hate you".....just having a fit). At times I feel like I am hurting him instead of helping him. Unfortunately, I have no support at all, no family support, no friends support, and my husband is seriously thinking of putting him back to public school because he doesn't want me to get upset or see me getting verbally abused by my son. At times I question myself if it is the best for him. Any advise or encouragement would be so appreciate right now. Having a rough day again today.
  20. Wanted to know if anyone has ideas on how to make some income at home(work at home) while homeschooling? I really want and need to contribute financially to our family while still homeschooling. Any thoughts? I was thinking of making soap and selling them.....just any thoughts. If there are any moms out there that homeschooling and also contribute financially to their family by working from home, I would love to hear your story. Thanks Lilly
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