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Those of you participating in the Minute Million Family Challenge...

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What is your group's name??


If you click "View Minute Totals" and then sort by "View Registered Groups" and then "Highest To Lowest" I'm like number 22 on there right now. Woohoo! LOL.


Our group is Nance's Homeschool.


We logged 100 minutes today (I only participated in like 40 of those, then the kids kept playing games on their own).


Did you guys log minutes yet? What did you name your group?


And if you're wondering what the heck I'm even talking about, go here:



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I was checking out the Score Boards earlier! We're "The Knice Guys" on there, currently at #10. :) I logged 90 minutes yesterday playing War with DS, and two rounds of Money Bags... then he played Money Bags again today with DH and I played Bananagrams with a friend over lunch. :D


Oh, cool, I noticed that name earlier and thought that was a good name lol. I'll have to try to catch up to you some! :D


We played "Fun By The Numbers" (or something like that, it's a preschoolish game) today all together, and then the kids played it again on their own, and then the girls played "Life." Today was our first day logging any minutes, I was slacking!

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I haven't posted logged our minutes yet, so our team won't show up yet. I figure I'll wait till next week because I'm sure I'll get numbers in this weekend from the other families on our team.


We're Boardwalk Landlords.


Ah yeah I remembered yours (I like your name too!) but I didn't see it on there. You can log minutes as often as you want (you probably know that already lol).


Anyway, I figured it would be fun to see the names of people we 'know' on here and try to keep up with each other or something, for fun! :)

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