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  1. I actually had to explain to a young guest once that "at my house, we have a rule that kids listen to instructions from adults, unless they are dangerous". Explicitly stating it like that seemed to help him "obey" my other household rules... he still pushes the boundaries a bit but has more or less become a pleasant guest. :)
  2. The Theodosia books are great if you don't object to Egyptian mythology. And also the Flavia de Luce series. I :001_wub: Flavia!!!
  3. Also, there is an app for the RS Abacus on the ipad, if that would possibly help with the 2-year-old factor. Or maybe buy him/her their own abacus? That's what I did when mine were small. One for the K'er, one for the 2 yo. :)
  4. How comfortable are you with the Right Start methods yourself? I'm unclear if you have taught it before or if this is your first time through. If you really want a formal math curiculum, then I think Math Mammoth 1 could be a suitable spine. Mari. a uses a similar approach to math, though with less explicit instruction about when and how to use the manipulatives, so you'd have to know when to add them in. Either way, it is an inexpensive, thorough math program. Just be warned it contains WAY too many problems for some students. You have to be comfortable assigning only some of the problems or you risk wearing your child out with repetition! (I learned this the hard way!) Or, if I may be so bold, consider teaching yourself the RS methods, and then casually teaching them to your child while you play as many of the games from the RS manual as possible. Hindsight being what it is, this is the approach I would have taken with myself... As many math games and "mom instruction" as possible throughout kindy and the first part of 1st, moving to RS B/C for the end of 1st and 2nd, and then starting Beast Academy in 3rd. Most kids don't need 3 solid years of addition and subtraction, and Beast does such a good job with multiplication and division (all topic, really!), that I would take a more relaxed approach in K-2... Just some thoughts from someone who has also started with RS. Heather
  5. Homefree3, what part of Alberta are you in? I am in Edmonton, and while my daughter is "only" moderately gifted, I might be able brainstorm some resources. :) Heather
  6. How to Teach Spelling with the workbooks. There are only 3 and they are not baby-ish at all. Also, it is cheap and straight-forward.
  7. So, I'm sure there are lots of posts on this already, but I'm not having any luck finding them. Links would be appreciated! We are preparing to list our home for sale, with hopes of moving to a different neighborhood in the same city later this spring. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how to get everything "staged" for listing and maintaining a super clean home while homeschooling. I know that lots of people have done this before me, so I hoped you could share your best tips and tricks. Everything from time-management and scheduling to quick routines to get the house ready for a showing. Anything you can think of to make packing, moving, home selling, etc easier. The last time we moved, we were childless and everything we owned fit in one load in a moving truck. Now we have 3000 sq. ft of stuff and 3 kids! I'm overwhelmed before I've even started! Thanks!
  8. I totally relate; our homeschool efforts are so far from the grand vision I had when I commenced this journey! We, too, have had one challenge after another, some unpredictable, others completely of our own choosing (like adopting a 6 year old boy from Ethiopia 2 years ago). My son is also "behind" his peers in reading and writing, and would not do well in school as a result of this. We did recently start our other son in school, both so he could get the help and peer interaction he needed, and also to lower my "load" at home so I can focus more on the two homeschoolers during the day. As well, we have been seeking help for the various mental health issues that have cropped up among various members of the household, which is helpful, but also adds appointments that upset the homeschooling routine. I think you are on the right track; work to reduce your load, while also renewing your focus on the truly important issues at hand. I will be following this thread for advice. :) Heather P.S. I wondered when reading your post if you were Canadian, and smiled to myself when I read that you are. Something in your writing style gives it away. ;)
  9. You popped into my head today and I came online to find this thread... Praying things are going as well as can be expected... Heather
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