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CNED nouveau programme


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what level would a child who has been in a french immersion program since preschool and currently entering grade want to look at?



Currently entering grade what?


Generally speaking, CP = 1st grade

CE1 = 2nd

CE2 = 3rd

CM1 = 4th

CM2 = 5th or 6th grade depending on whom you ask


6ieme = 7th

5ieme = 8th

4ieme = 9th

3ieme = 10th

2ieme = 11th

1ere = 12th

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Not having many details, I would suggest putting her in 6ieme.

It's the first year of what they call 'collège', so she would be at the beginning of a cycle. 6ieme covers medieval literature, if I remember correctly. No, that was 5ieme. Anyway, they study literature according to a timeline. So by starting with 6ieme, she would be at the beginning of the literature cycle.


Or even better, you could go here:


and have her take a look, and see what she can do and can't do.

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My son is doing Collège officially, and his program has not been revamped. What's your new address? I'm curious


Maybe it's this. If you scroll at the bottom of the new pages, you'll see "clique ici pour consulter la séquence du cours". That will bring you to the complete lesson, and those haven't changed.

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I don't think I do. I have a few subjects from 5ieme, but not from 6ieme.


I haven't heard or seen anywhere that the collège classes were revamped. News to me!


ETA: I've checked a file I had here (5ieme, français, séquence 7) against the one online. Apart from very few cosmetic changes, they are identical. Even the carriage returns are at the same places.

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They must be working up the grades.


In 6e, it looks to all be changed. Sequence 1 in Francais started out with Babylon and Sargon for the one I had. It now has changed so that sequence 1 starts with Homer.


I noticed this for histoire-geographie....I think they start changing from the bottom up so that there aren't holes...


Eg in the 6e histoire now, they cover Han China and l'empire chretienne au moyen age and less of other ancient history. So then the 5e histoire will start in after that. Before all moyen age was covered in 5e...



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I was thinking that the private publishers follow the same schedule as CNED since the standards for what is covered each year seem to be nationalized...


So my histoire geographie experience might not be the same as the CNED. I note that the 6e Hachette new edition was published in 2009, the 5e new edition in 2010 and the 4e and 3e are still the older editions...The newer editions conform to the "Bulletin officiel special de l'Education nationale no 6 du Aug 2008". But I guess they do it all differently.


It would be handy to know when the program is going to change as then the teacher's guides for the older books go out of print and one is stuck buying the new guides at new prices....



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