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How does Government work in a 4 year history rotation?

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Well, for high school, ds did it during the Early Mod part of the history rotation. He did the SWB recommended Idiot's Guide to Am Gov't, along with reading several founding documents and Federalist Papers. At the same time, he was reading in Spielvogel about the time period around the world (Western Civ, anyway). He was also reading the lit to go along with Early Mod, and had read a lot of political literature during the year we did 20th century history (which happened to be the year previous--a little out of order). I gave him .5 credits.


He had also had a year of civics in 8th grade public school, and had worked in 8th grade for 7 weeks as a page in Richmond in our state Senate (which is, btw, an EXCELLENT introduction to the workings of government).


I felt he got plenty with all of that. I don't favor pulling it out of the rotation and doing it separately, because I really like doing World History for 4 years, and imbedding gov't and Am hist in that world context. But that's just me.

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