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Calling on those who sew!!!

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I am looking at fabric for swag drapes for my bedroom... I am looking at one particular lavender lace. What would you select as a backing? If I make these myself, I want them long lasting... so, I imagine I need them to be backed... Thanks!


PS I am also looking at sheer material to do a lightweight, breezy type swag (I do not like heavy drapes at all). If I go with a sheer swag, would I need a backing? Would it last? (last, as in 10 years?)



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I have mostly sheers in my house and love them because they let in so much light but can provide a little bit of privacy. I have several swags that are made from sheer material and they have lasted for almost 20 years. I just replaced them this fall. Also most of the sheers I see in the stores have no backing so I wouldn't think backing is necessary with either one of your choices. The lace will be harder to hem I would expect so you might need some kind of binding on the top where the rod goes through. The problem with sheers is that you have to set the stitch length longer than the normal position because they catch and gather very easily with a normal stitch length. I would practice with some extra cloth until you can find the right stitch length to sew without those problems.

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If you want to preserve the appearance of lace, maybe you could just sew on a layer of tulle? Not the easiest stuff to work with, though, and it won't add weight. Maybe something like a silk shantung (or similar polyester at a lower price) would give you the weight and durability you need, just use a color a tad lighter than the lace itself.

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