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Ohhhhh, I'm in trouble!!

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Littlest is very outspoken and bossy. She will be three on September 4th and she really thinks the entire world exists for her. About a month ago, the kids were looking at middle DD's scrapbook and there was a picture from before Littlest was born. She asked "Where Ella?" DS told her, "This was before you were born. You weren't alive yet." Well, Littlest had a screaming conniption fit! She could not grasp the concept of a world before Ella! :lol: I told DS just to tell her she was at Granny's to get ehr to calm down.


That gives you some insight into her personality. So today during school time, I am reading our history lesson from SOTW. Littlest raises her hand (I am not sure where she got this, but now she raises her hand all.the.time during school time) and tells me "I teacher now." She tells me that she did school yesterday so now she can be the teacher today.:tongue_smilie: It's going ot be a very long 15 years with her! :lol::lol::lol:


BTW, I don't really expect an almost-three-year-old to sit with us for school. She kind of wanders in and does some things with us when she wants, does the coloring sheets, and has her own workbooks. Most of today she sat on the floor and played with the math manipulatives. Sometimes she listens to the stories when we read-aloud.

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When I started reading that you were reading history I thought you were going to say that she raised her hand to ask where she was during the time of the pharaohs or something!:lol:



She was at Grandma's house!!! Tell her she was at Grandma's house so we can be coniption-free!!! :tongue_smilie:



My youngest is 4 years old and exactly like your dd, OP. You have my sympathy.

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About every third day around here, DD4 will "do her thing," and the olders and I will just look at each other until one of us says,


"There was a little girl, who had a little curl..."


We don't even need to finish it anymore.:rolleyes:



That's so funny! We say the same thing about ours!


(Weird thing: my hair was stick-straight until I gave birth to Youngest. Her hair is curly and now so is mine. Weird.)

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Ummmm, I hate to admit it but maybe I am paying for my raisin'.


Go ahead and buy T-shirts in several sizes. You know, the one that say "Here Comes Trouble." You're gonna need them.


My cousin and I had matching shirts that said "Here Comes Double Trouble!"


"There was a little girl, who had a little curl..."


My mom used to say this to me all.the.time. Now she tells me that both my girls remind her so much of me when I was little. She always says it with a little devilsh grin like she *knows* something. I think she is enjoying watching me deal with them and their strong little personalities waaaay too much! LOL!

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