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My new concern... anyone else??

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The kids are growing up. A year ago I was running in circles keeping up with them... driving in what I called my "perpetual circle" which was around to all the local schools for all the events and all... and homeschooled a couple on the side... and would get quite overwhelmed trying to keep up with the needs of 9 kids at home.


Today. Much different. I should be relieved. I should take in a deep, cleansing breath and smile and sit in the sun with some iced tea... My oldest two are moved out... one having her first child, the other starting at the University. The three high schoolers have moved to their dad's and he is the one driving in circles to the school and events there... That leaves 4 more at home with me, three at the middle school and one finishing up elementary. And my days are QUIET and kinda loooong.


I do enjoy the bit of break that I am getting. I am not depressed. I have a part time job that I really like. But the house is SOOOO quiet. I just don't know what to do with myself.


I could organize in the garage... I could clean some areas that I haven't got to in a long time... I could enjoy my past time hobbies, but they I don't wanna... so, I guess I'll have some chocolate and in a couple of hours I'll be picking them up and heading to the dentist and saying, "Don't talk to your brother that way!" and "Sit down... no, you are not going back there to check on him!" and "I really mean it when I say to stop doing that."


Anyone else have a major change? What would you do with hours of quiet??

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I think parents who have been doing this kind of work for so many years need "deschooling" just as much as kids who have come home from the public system. Sit with your iced tea, relax, and enjoy that quiet -- not just today, but for a goodly number of days! One of the biggest luxuries in a homeschooling parent's world is a few hours of doing absolutely nothing. (That is, unless you're the kind of person who just can't bear to be sitting still and need to be up and doing and accomplishing.) Sounds as though you'll be spending time with a grandbaby in the near future, so enjoy the quiet while you can.

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