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Tell me please why you prefer Latin for Children over Lively Latin or vice versa


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Our Latin sequence:

Song School Latin and Minimus

Getting Started with Latin


I hope we can finish the three in less than two years.

Then I would like to do Latin for Children or Lively Latin. I know that Heather/Siloam uses LL.

I you have chosen one over the other, can you let me know what helped you make the choice? If you have used both, what is the difference of them and what are the pros and cons for each?



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I was trying to decide between Latin for Children and Lively Latin & ended up buying LfC. Both programs looked great but two things helped me make my choice. First thing was I really wanted a video presentation since it's our first round with Latin and second, it looked like more fun. I liked the teacher in the preview videos and liked the way he presented things. We haven't started it yet so no idea how it will turn out in the long run but that was my process for choosing one over the other.

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We have both LL and LfC. LL just never got done. I don't know Latin (Spanish is my foreign language), so I wanted a little more hand-holding than LL gave. My oldest dd did a few lessons with LfC before the end of last school year. This year I'm doing everyone together, starting with Song School Latin. My dd is enjoying this (even though she is 10). My 3yo asks me stuff in Latin. It's great! :)


We'll be finished with SSL within a month or so with that and then we'll start at the beginning of LfC A again. I hope to be able to start B for the 2011 - 2012 school year. I like the DVD program. :)

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After narrowing down choices it was between LFC and LL. I went with LFC for a few reasons. LL was only a download at that point and I didn't want to pay and then have to print. LfC has a video component, I had no Latin experience and needed it. Also LfC was a complete 3 year program, with Latin Alive to follow up afterward.


I have not seen Lively Latin, but I chose LfC and have been very pleased with it.

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