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Can I just wish my neighbors would MOVE?!?!

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Okay, nor likely. Can I just ask that they leave us alone until we can move in the spring?


We are moving, BTW. I though for a nanosecond we might stay, but not anymore. We are moving somewhere away from this neighborhood ASAP. I'd move now if I had the money.


I'll even live in an 800 square foot trailer if you put it on a larger piece of land with NO NEIGHBORS!!!!!:glare:

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:grouphug: I don't know if they have kids, but perhaps things will be better once school starts up?


It is definitely a kids thing and things *will* be better once school is back in. Only a week and a half more!


What's really crazy is that before we moved here, they weren't even allowed outside! They started coming out to play with the kids a couple of months after we got here and then practically lived at my house for the past 9 months.:glare: I was even feeding them regularly! We were trying to help the oldest boy out by getting him involved in Boy Scouts, taking him to museums, etc.


Now that I won't allow my dc to play with them anymore because of issues with stealing, the drama has increased. The grandma told my 12yo that *he* was the bad influence that made her grandson steal!:lol: These kids were thieves when I met them - they stole from us, they stole from her, they stole from mom, etc. They got suspended from school and police/social services involvement in May for taking bullets to school.


I just want them to leave us alone, but everyday there seems to be something new. Yesterday, they accused my 7yo of writing a bad word on their fence. However, because of his LDs, he CAN'T WRITE!!!!! One of their dc did it and accused mine. The day before that it was a bike frame that they threw away last fall and told my 12yo he could have it. He scavanged parts and made a whole bike. They accused him of stealing it, so I had him take off the parts and give them back the frame. Then, of course, they didn't want it, so they tried to give it back.:glare:


We'll be too busy to be around after school once it starts, so maybe we won't see them anymore.:tongue_smilie:

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What, someone else WORSE might move in?:lol: That is probably what would happen. This is a lower socioeconomic level income neighborhood, so we seem to get more crazies than others.:001_huh::lol:


I am actually worried about this right now. One of our neighbors put her house up for sale last week and she has been a good neighbor. We are really worried about what new neighbors we will get. We live in an inner city and our homes are really close together. A bad neighbor would be a disaster. There is no way we can move as property values here have dropped way too low. I hope your problem gets better when school starts.

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We had someone down the block HOWLING last night from 11 - 11:30. Sigh.

I think it was our former next door neighbors visiting siblings.

At least they did leave, so it's better than when the dog cried outside all night.


Hope things settle down with your nitwit neighbors as well.

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