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Anyone have a Clek Olli backless booster?

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PDG is getting so tall, and her once-wonderful Compass high back/side wing booster seat is becoming quite uncomfortable.


Anyone have a Clek Olli backless booster? Only reason I'm so interested in this one is because it has a super cushy seat, and LATCH in addition to the shoulder belt.


I know it doesn't have a drink holder...we can deal with that.

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I would not get a LBB for a 6yr old. A LBB offers no side impact protection or head support and are usually intended for children of 8yrs+ whom have outgrown all/most other HBBs.


If you like the LATCH, look at the SK Monterey. This is what J has and we LOVE it! If you want the rigid LATCH, Clek has the Oobr as well. Oh, the Monterey has drink holders too :)

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I had some sticker shock. I ended up getting the Sunshine Kids booster with the reclining back and the LATCH attachment. These are very nice, and a very big kid could fit in it. Back comes off later.


I like the reclining. If we are sitting somewhere waiting for Papa, he'll pop his whole seat back and read.



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Ironic that my first post on this board is about carseats and not schooling, but I've been browsing for quite some time now. :)


I agree with a previous poster and would look into the Monterey. My 11 year old outgrew the highback portion a few months ago and she is 4 feet 11 inches and all torso. I would definitely be more comfortable with a 6 year old in a high back booster. Then maybe when your 4 year old is 6, she can inherit the Monterey and then you can get the Clek. (A great seat from what I've heard!) My 11 year actually would prefer the back on, she said it was much more comfortable than just a low back booster.

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