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Anyone use Reading Pathways as a followup to 100 EZ lessons?


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Saw this in the Timberdoodle catalog (my favorite spring reading ;) ! I was wondering if anyone actually has used this as a followup to 100 EZ lessons and also Ordinary Parents Guide...I have kiddos using each and know they won't be totally fluent at the end of the books so I'm hoping this might dovetail nicely....any thoughts or other suggestions ?



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last week. My ds(7) has just recently been pulled from ps (3 weeks ago), and so we're just starting our hs journey. He's been reading OPG and Reading Pathways daily. I feel that Reading Pathways has already made a difference in his fluency. He is reading ok, just bored with the subject matter, so its been hard to figure out how to make reading click so he can take off. The more interesting books are just a bit above him, and the ones on his level are just dry. The Reading Pathways pyramid style has helped him focus better on what he is reading, as well as boost his confidence. So far, I'm very pleased with the results.:thumbup:

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