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Favorite KY history resources?

Another Lynn

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I know there are at least a few KY homeschoolers who post here and I'm hoping you might have some great KY history resources to share. I'm especially interested in "living books." Also, I saw a book called Faces of Kentucky on the University of KY Press Website... have you used it? liked it?



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I'm not from Kentucky but our family just researched KY for our co-op's "Around the States" night. Reading biographies of famous Kentuckians may be helpful (Lincoln, Davis, Boone, etc.) Reading books by Kentucky authors may be good. We began our research by contacting the dept. of tourism for historical attractions, etc. We visited Kentucky to get a feel for the state. We discovered that Kentucky is a very diverse state with incredible resources, attractions, geography, and history. Guess it depends which angle you want to study it from. Not the most helpful post but maybe a Kentucky person will see this and rescue you!:D

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Robert A. Powell has written a bunch of stuff on Kentucky history over time. His "Frontier Kentucky" was used in elementary school here for years. It may now be OOP, and it's certainly no longer politically correct, but I used it for a coop class last year. He also wrote a middle school level book that's similar, but covers more topics.


He has out small books on Kentucky's Covered Bridges and True Kentucky Legends. He also wrote "Landmarks of Our Heritage", which includes some things in places other than Kentucky, but is still heavy on Kentucky heritage.


The Story of Big Bone Lick, Nancy Jordan Blackmore.


Other books that treat the theme of Kentucky:


Your Best Friend, Kate

various Daniel Boone books

Just in Time for Christmas

'B' is for Bluegrass

Kentucky in Words and Pictures

Jack Jouett's Ride



A video we watched: Kentucky Troll: Mysteries Underground (Nat. Geo. video on Mammoth Cave, et al)



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I don't know your religious persuasion, or whether you have any interest in a religious point of view, but there are a couple of biographies out about Mother Catherine Spaulding, who moved to Kentucky in the late 1700's and eventually founded the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. Obviously they have a religious focus, but I was interested in reading the details about early life in the region (I also was interested in women leaders and early religious orders, but that's a different thing ;) ).


Anyway, if you're interested, there are two books; one I don't know if it is in print, it's by Sr. James Maria and is called "Kentucky Spring". I have this book, but I can't find a listing for it online.


Another one I have heard about, which looks pretty similar, is by Mary Ellen Doyle, "Pioneer Spirit"; I haven't read it myself, but the excerpt on Amazon looks similar to what is in Kentucky Spring.




Edited to add:


I don't know the ages of your kids, but I think at least the book I have is suitable for a highschooler to read on his own, and parts could be used as a read aloud for younger kids (sections that talk specifically about "what life was like").


Just for something different...



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