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Poisonous plants in the yard

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As I investigate more the plants in our garden, I'm finding some disturbing things, lol. I read this information on the internet, how poisonous a plant is, or reactions if it is ingested, etc. I guess I'm not 100% sure, should I have everything removed or would that be overreacting? My kids never put things in their mouths like that, but then I worry what if it is toxic enough that they brush the plant with their hands then put their hands in their mouth, is that possible? What about kids who visit? See what I mean?


Really, there's only a couple that I'm seriously concerned about -- we have two oleander bushes in our patio area. Before I knew what they were we planted mint around the bottom, I am not comfortable using any of that mint now.. and I'm thinking about just having all of it, mint and oleander, yanked out. If I do that do I need to worry about residual poison? The websites I've been reading mention that oleander is still very poisonous, even after the leaves have dried..


Or am I overreacting? I'm just not sure...

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If you pull everything out, I don't think you have to worry about residual poison. It may be tough getting rid of all the mint, though. Depending on your climate, mint is very invasive and can re-grow from cuttings. This wouldn't present a poisoning hazard -- just an annoyance hazard if mint takes over your garden.

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Our patio has these sectioned planting beds.. so like bricks as the ?floor? and then interspersed are these planting beds that are about 3 ft square each. That's actually why I decided to put the mint there, my mom had planted mint back home when I was young, and I remember she got so irritated and want it gone she actually pulled out the salt and salted the ground to kill it all, lol. So no worries about the mint overgrowing.


But should I for sure get rid of the oleander? Some sites I read make it sound like a big ball of poison just sitting there, while others are more like "if you ingest enough", which is an entirely different thing...

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I'd get rid of the oleander.


Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia:

"It is thought that a handful or 10-20 leaves consumed by an adult can cause an adverse reaction, and a single leaf could be lethal to an infant or child." It's also toxic to animals. Seems to me there are many safer plants you could put in than oleander! Why take a chance?

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The only time my DD has ever put something in her mouth it was a berry, and at the lead of her less than sensible 7yo. cousin. The berries burned their lips, and they didn't swallow them.


We have a bunch of oleander in our yard. Grows like a weed, hard to kill, very low maintenance and therefore popular out here (Arizona). I keep trying to cut it out because DH is allergic to it, more than because I'm worried about DD eating the leaves.


Also, it doesn't poison the ground around it or transmit its poison to plants growing around it, so your mint should be just fine. Nor is it poisonous to the touch.


If you like how it looks, keep it. Removing it requires digging it out by the roots or cutting it back to the roots and pasting it with herbicide on the exposed cut bits.

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