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Best Catalogs for art supplies -

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I am going to be having an art class in my home where we are going to explore a lot of different mediums. One I would like to tackle is printmaking. I will need a brayer for this for example. I am looking for a catalog that specializes in art supplies with a wide variety. I would also like it to be as inexpensive as possible (not excluding good quality). Thanks for any help!!!



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But I like Dick Blick Art Supplies: http://www.dickblick.com






I concuur! :D


but also.. if you have a Joann’s or a Michaels... don’t forget they have sales all the time and they have coupons.... Joann’s also offers 15% off for teachers.... you just need to "prove" you home school and you can get a teachers card.... and a 1 time 20% off your entire purchase when you sign up.... For art supplies that’s my quick fix... quality and variety is good as well...



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I buy a lot of art supplies, most of them from Rainbow Resource. They have a large selection, including high quality brands like Prismacolor, that I haven't found anywhere for less. The catalog, if you don't have one, is thick like a large city phone book (they carry everything, not just art supplies), with great descriptions but no pics. There are pics online if you want to see something. I don't know if they have stuff for print making, but it might be worth checking.


I love shopping for art supplies--have fun!

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