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Strange reaction to steroids

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My dd7 has been off and on steroids since infancy due to her asthma and airway problems. She's been healthy for the last 18 months but this month she became very ill. The doctor prescribed orapred and my dd is itching like crazy. No antihistamine would help either. The pulmonologist said in his 20 years of practice he has never had one such case.:001_huh: Has anyone here had this reaction to steroids? If so, what alternative meds did you use? Her dr. is saying she just has to suffer through it because the meds are necessary but its horrible to see her so uncomfortable. Thanks for any help.

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It is my understanding that steroids can cause or exacerbate a yeast problem. If she has yeast in her airways (which is likely considering her history), the steroid could be the cause of the itching by making the yeast situation worse. It has been a few years since I looked into this so I have no links to site, but I'm sure you can look it up online. I found it to be the cause of my asthma, and also saw a definate yeast flareup whenever my son or I took steroids. The fact that antihistamine doesn't stop the itch makes me really suspicious of that being the cause.


Perhaps the ped can give her a round of nystatin to combat the possible yeast. We used diet to treat these problems here and the only time my asthma comes back at all is when I have copious amounts of yeast-feeding foods (sugar, bread). My son doesn't eat any sugar or bread products and hasn't had asthma in years.



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This is a long shot, but does she use the oralpred with red dye in it? I believe if I recall correctly that oralpred may come without red dye as well. I ask since some people can develop allergies to red dye. It is worth looking into just in case.


Another question to ask you doctor is whether it is worth a trial of zyrtec in addition to her other medications. I had a severe, 3 month long, exacerbation of asthma that required 2 courses of steroids, nebulizers, and increased asthma medications. I finally got relief after I tried zyrtec daily and I have not had a relapse since I have been on the zyrtec and my asthma meds are back down to bare minimum practically. The other thing to ask your doctor is whether it is ok to try plain mucinex daily as well in addition to the zyrtec. I found both of these drugs to be great for me and from the research I did, they appear to be safe:) I would definitely ask your doctor about trying these 2 drugs.


Also, are there any environmental factors in your house to alleviate such as dust, dust mites, or mold?


Lastly, have you seen a pulmonologist and an allergist? I am sorry if I am the master of the obvious;) I recommend it as a nurse plus second opinions.


P.S. I reread your post and saw about the pulmonologist. You may want to consider a second opinion and definitely see an allergist.

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