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Can someone add you as a friend in FB and then hide it on your list?

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I already tried that, LOL! They also sent me a facebook message.....and I can only access them through there....I befriended them last night so I can't imagine it is taking this long to update....Oh well....another mystery.


Are you sure you're actually fb friends? If someone sends you a message you can access their page for 30 days even if you're not friends. Maybe one of you accidentally (or purposefully) defriended the other?

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Is there any kind of weird dynamic in your relationship? Because the only thing I can think of is that they friended you then blocked you -- so they can see you but you can't see them. (If that's even possible; it seems like if you block someone that would automatically unfriend them).


If there's no such weird dynamic, then I'm at a loss! No one can control which of your friends (once accepted) that you can and can't see, as far as I know.

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