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Tell me about digital photo frames please

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I am at a loss as to what to get mine and dh's parents for Christmas. I am thinking about getting a digital photo frame for each set of parents, preloaded with lots of pics of all of us.


However, we don't have much to spend and really don't know what to look for to get something nice and decent quality.


Any thoughts/suggestions/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I like our 8" Kodak ones. I got them on Black Friday last year deeply-discounted. The Kodak one have touch sensors on the border (never touch the display screen itself) with no actual buttons; I like this. Mine have no internal memory but can read just about anything. It can also be programmed to turn itself on and off at certain times each day.


The frame will be marked by an aspect ratio. I think mine is 480 X 800. So I typically re-size/crop my photos before I load them onto the frame. The frame might or might not do this automatically, but I want to crop things my way.


A lot of frames nowadays are integrated into a kind of message/phone center. Many of them talk (have speakers) and can play a sound file with each photo. It can get very gizmoey, and makes it harder to parameterize.


As far as image quality, I'm sure it varies but I don't know how. My Kodak ones are great. All I know is I personally could not deal with anything smaller than 8" diagonal.

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Ha! Haaaaa!


Oh wow, if you only knew what a funny topic this is between dh and I...


Last year, dh and I got his mother a *very nice digital photo frame. We got an expensive one, but got a good deal on it on black Friday last year.


He was so excited to give it to them. He was just sure that his mom would love it, and that he had gotten her something great. You see, his parents are very well off, and very hard to buy for, and all that. And dh and I are, well, just regular folks. :tongue_smilie: So dh was really excited to give it to them. It was really very sweet; kinda like how excited my little boys get to give me thier homemade cards.


We haven't seen it since. She didn't put it up in her house, and she doesn't work (can't now because of COPD), so it's not at her office or anything. Apparently, she didn't care for it so much. She hasn't said a word about it to dh in the past year. I suspect they regifted it or something, because it just *poof* disappeared.


Dh is sad I think. He thought his mom would really like the frame, and load pics of the grandkids on it an what not. Nope. And at this point, it's not like I'm gonna go take mil off into a corner and tell her that she's hurt dh's feelings by not using the gift we gave her last year. What in the world can I do?! Nothing, I guess.


It's just one of those situations where something was a big deal to one person, but of no consequence to another, I guess.


Um, don't know if that helps you or not. :tongue_smilie: Just wanted to share my story. :D

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