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If you were going to supplement math ...


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I am using R&S math 4 with my son and I am happy with it, but I would like to supplement with something on Fridays that is more conceptual and really gets him thinking about applying math. In the past, I used a combination of RS math and R&S and RS really got him thinking. He'd be asking me about different math problems in daily life when we were using RS. I got to a point where I didn't feel I could continue to do 2 full math programs with him, so we've been using R&S math by itself. But, I really miss that he is no longer trying to figure things out or asking me questions.


I am already supplementing with Hands-On Equations (which takes about 5 minutes a day), but what could I add on Fridays to really get him thinking?




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We used a book from Barnes and Noble that was for gifted second graders--I don't remember the name, but it contained problems in logic, math application, and other topics (so, not just math). Maybe something inexpensive like that would be fun to go thru. Also, you could try cooking experiences, going over sale flyers (grocery store math), measurement activities (how much carpet to buy to carpet your stairs? etc.), etc.

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