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San Diego Zoo Field Trip

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Dh wants to take the boys to the San Diego Zoo. I won't be able to go, but I would like to send him and and grandpa prepared. I was hoping one of you resourceful ladies might know where I can find a field trip activity guide for our dc. I know I have seen one before, and just can't seem to find it now.


Also, any ideas to help them make the trip both fun and educational. Thanks!



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The best trips we have are private tours. They are the most educational.


Did you check the resources online for the zoo. If nothing, perhaps make one up. Like a scavengar hunt. Perhaps download a map of zoo and have them search for certain animals with ed. clues.


Or me and the dd's would always go w/art supplies and sit for hours and draw the animals.


Another idea is to pretend they are researchers and have to find out a certain amt. of facts per animal.



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I don't have specific resources, but I do have some advice. When we went two years ago, we headed to the back of the zoo and slowly made our way forward, this helped to keep the crowds to a minimum. Also, if the pandas are high on your "must see" list, go there as soon as it opens. We had the place virtually to ourselves, later in the day the lines were incredibly long, and there were a lot of cranky kids waiting to see the pandas for just a short minute.


We loved the San Diego Zoo, just be prepared for a lot of walking!


LauraD in MN

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We paid extra and took the bus tour.


The bus tour is totally worth the money. The zoo is huge and you get so much information on the tour. We took the tour first then used the bus to get around the zoo after the tour. We got to see some of the animals that we couldn't have seen walking and definitely had a better day because of the easy transportation.

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