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What to supplement with LOF Fractions?


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We have been using Math Mammoth with great success, even though it took ds a while to stop resisting the way ps has always taught him. We used Math Mammoth as a refresher for the basics - add/subtract/mult/division. Now, it's time for fractions and percents/decimals.


DS wants to use LOF and I'm not sure if I should use Math Mammoth Fractions etc to supplement or if I should mix things up and use Singapore 6. I can also use MEP, which has been a HUGE hit with my 1st grader.


Would you supplement with more fractions or would you have a spiral-type program alongside of it?

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We used LOF Fractions to review after going through another programme's fractions course. Calvin did it after Galore Park SY Maths 2 (he really needed to step back a long way and look at the basics) and Hobbes is doing it after Singapore Maths 4A, but at the same time as Galore Park Junior Maths 3.



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My kids use Singapore and LoF together, and it is a good combo.


But if you want to supplement with Singapore, certainly give him the placement exam. Singapore 6 was really, really hard, IMO.


Thank you. DS actually changed his mind about LOF. :001_huh: He wants to stick with Math Mammoth, so now I'm trying to figure out how to use it before we head into Singapore 6.


Thanks for the heads up!

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