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Am I doing enough?


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Reading through others' posts, I am feeling a little left behind in my teaching....I know don't compare, but am I doing enough? My dd8 (LD) is about where my dd6 is so here goes:

Reading: 20mins kids oral read (Ramona the Pest is the current)

Spelling: SWR 20words each week

Writing/Grammar: Writing with Ease Lv1 (way too easy) but good for handwriting exercises, kids do about 2-3 weeks in 1 week.

Math: Singapore 2A plus tangents of outside stuff 3-6pgs daily

SOTW: one chapter each week

Science: Real Science one lesson weekly + science videos and our own experiments as they come + science reads kids pick

Piano: 20min daily, plus 1/2hr of private instruction

Poem memorizations

Tap, Musical Theater classes

Geography 1x week if lucky (dad teaches)


I have so many ideas of things to teach or projects to get to but they never seem to happen....just the basics these days. Some days it is really hard because my dd6 can do more but my dd8 makes going on very difficult for she just doesnot have the ability. My dd6 keeps me hopping.

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I think that's enough with a rich environment. Mine learn so much on their own through reading (nonfiction and fiction), playing, writing stories, developing complex games, using their imaginations etc that at 8 I really didn't push the academics the way some do. Some dc demand more academics, and that's when you really need to add more. Also, the nature of many of our conversations are such that they are/were learning logic and thinking skills as a part of life. We did have some Mindbenders and Critical thinking books, but I use them less with my youner one who is 9 because we do more of that with math. Also, since he's the youngest, he hears my dd's discuss logic or make logic-related jokes which happens daily.

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Yes of course, I should have written in my read aloud time...about 1- 1 1/2hrs per day depending on our week. Went ahead and ordered FFL so we can get started with grammar, thank you for the suggestion. I have two very different children so teaching them together is a little bit challenging. My dd8 is missing half of her cerebellum so progress is slow for her but my dd6 on the other hand is zooming....got two extremes here! Really I am posting about my dd6 schedule even though my dd8 can do some of the material (not same reading or math). My dd6 is interested in the origin of words but I am not sure I want to incorporated another program. Any advice on the subject?

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